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Major backend changes tonight

Posted Feb 28, 2014, 7:47:29 AM

For a good amount of time, newsrdr has been behaving extremely slowly when accessing certain portions of the interface. In particular, "All Feeds" would take up to 10-20 seconds to download data from the server. As it turns out, MySQL had serious issues performing well with the original database structure. To produce the necessary data from the server, several joins on various tables were needed. Because of these joins, sorting the results required significant time, especially given the size of the AWS resources in use today.

Because of this, some tables were merged together tonight. This required significant code changes in the backend, as well as a couple of hours of downtime to port the current data over to the new tables. If you were using newsrdr while this was happing, my apologies. Hopefully things are much faster now and that the downtime was worth the trouble.

Please let me know via the Contact link above if there are any issues. smile

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